1)What is the Edggi.com?

Edggi is a free online career counseling & mentorship platform where students & working professionals can register their profile, search ,add & then interact with each other one to one via chat, voice & video call. The professionals can share their knowledge & real life experiences to guide the students/Juniors and help them in taking right/better career decisions. As a successful professional, most of us want to do something for the society but we really dont get the opportunity and time to do so. This portal is trying to create a platform to bridge the gap between students and professionals. The purpose of Edggi is to provide the right guidance by the right people at the right time.

2)Can we login from Despktop/laptop/Tablet/ Mobile phone?

Yes, you can login from Despktop/laptop/Tablet/ Mobile app

3)Do you have IOS & Android app in play store?

Yes, we have launched both Android & IOS version.

4)Can we do Social login?

Yes,  We can do login via facebook & Gmail

5)Features of edggi.com

Register Profile

        b.Advanced search option

        c.Connect as Mentor/Mentee/Peer

        d.One to one chat, Group Chat, Send voice messages, pictures & video files on chat inbox.

        e.Voice & Video Call via mobile app and portal

        f.Updated Ratings & Reviews of mentors/mentees/Peers.

6)How to use the portal and mobile app?How does it work?

        a.You can do Social login ( Facebook / Gmail) or sign up to register the profile.

        b.Complete your profile page with your photograph and details about your education,profession,Functional Area,etc. Completion of profile is necessary so that right mentors/mentees / peers can connect

        c.You can use advance searach filter option to search for mentors/mentees/peers.Try and search using something in common like same institutes/industry/company/home town/functional area,etc.

        d.You can send connection request  to the filtered profile as mentor/mentee/peer.

        e.Once your connection request is accepted, you can chat with your mentor/mentee/peer.

        f.You can do group chat.

        g.Users can also  schedule the voice call/Video call with the permission and convenient timings of each other.

        h.Both the Users( Mentor/mentee, Peer/peer)  can/should give ratings and write reviews about his/her mentor/mentee/peers.It will increase their credibilty & employability over a period of time.

7)What is the value additions for school students?

        a.School students can get to know about the career options they can choose  from depending upon their area of interests

        b.They can chat & talk to students who are currently pursuing the professional courses/degree from different streams.

        c.They will get to know  how to effectively prepare for the competitive entrance exams. The admission process, cut off scores of various colleges.

        d.They will also get to know what they have to study in professional colleges or higher studies.

        e.After chatting with the various seniors from different streams  , the school students can decide which courses are suitable for them depending upon their area of interests & strengths.

        f.They can get to know the exact expenses in terms of course fees/hostel fees/other miscellaneous charges being incurred by the students.This will help the students & their parents  to have a complete clarity about the total expenses for a particular course.(they can prepare and save it in advance.)not neccesary i think

        g.They can get to know the jobs opprtunities and actual placement scenarios from the seniors of the college.

        h.The senior class students (11th & 12th) can become a mentor for the junior students( 9th & 10th) and guide them for Board Exams and other competitive exams preparations.

8)What is the value additions for college students?

        a.College Students can become mentor for school students.It will help them to learn  soft skills like team handling,leadership,communication etc

        b.They can interact with students from other institutes and discuss about the various projects and subjects they are studying.Peer to peer interaction can help them a lot improve and learn new things.

        c.They can chat & talk to freshers who have recently passed out and just joined the jobs.It will help they to know how to prepare for interviews,how and where to apply for jobs,etc

        d.They can increase their network with working professionals .Also, if the mentor find them good, they can get help them with live projects/internships or even pre-placement offers.

        e.Students will get to know industry standards so that they  can prepare themselves well in advance.

        f.It will give a thought clarity and boost their confidence level.

9)What is the value addition working professionals?

        a.Junior working professionals can become mentor for college students.It will help them to polish their soft skills like team handling,leadership,communication etc.

        b.They can interact with professionals from other companies and learn about the best practices.

        c.The interaction with mentors  would help them identify the key skills and traits required so as  to progress in their career

10)What is the USP of EDGGI.com

        a.Its free for both mentors and mentees. Most of the other portals have charged and charging some amount from mentees and paying to the mentors.

        b.Extremely User friendly website & mobile app.

        c.Mentors & Mentees can choose their own respective multiple  mentees and mentors.

        d.A mentor can also find a senior professional  on our portal who can be his mentor.

        e.Not any University/college Alumni & Industry specific.

        f.Giving the chatting,voice & video call features from day one without any charges.

11)Why Professionals will give their time free of cost?

        a.Mid & junior level professionals will have both mentors and mentees on our portal.Hence they would be doing both, giving the guidance to their juniors  and taking advise from seniors.

        b.Mentors can upgrade their skills according to market.They can enhance their leadership & communication skills.We learn a lot when we share our knowledge and get to know the new trends and technologies from our juniors while mentoring them.

        c.Most of the Senior Professionals like  are struggling to get good employees, we can hire people whom we are mentoring in the long term.

        d.We will be having rating and review systems on our portal.Mentors and mentees will give the ratings and write the reviews after the discussion.It will increase the market value and demand of both mentors and mentees.

Do you have a future plans of conducting Face to face meetings?

Yes, we are planning to open centres for face to face meetings between mentors & Mentees in the future.

13)What does EDGGI name means?

Edggi stands for Edge over others.Hence all our registered members have an edge over others in terms of learning and improving their employability.

What are the Do's & Don'ts on Edggi


                a.Connect to someone you want to be like

                b.Try and find someone having something in common with you.

                c.Connect with your seniors/juniors from the same school/college.

                d.Connect with your ex-colleagues/seniors.

                e.Connect with peers from different Schools/colleges/university.

                f.Share your experiences and knowledge with others.

                g.Take prior appointment with your mentor before calling them over voice/video calls thru our app.

                h.Send the queries to your mentors in advance over chat box which they can answer as per their convenient timings.

                i.Mentors should try and revert to the mentees within the timeframe shared by mentors.

                j.Be a good listener.

                k.Have patience in finding the right mentors.

                l.Prepare set of cleary defined questions to ask from your mentors  before the chat/voice call sessions.


                a.Don't ask for jobs from mentor/peer/mentee.

                b.Don’t ask for money in lieu of mentorship.

                c.Don’t use insulting and harsh language with anyone on our portal.

                d.Don't disturb the mentors all the time.

            e.Don't interrupt when the senior is talking and chatting.

15) Sample Questions:

        School Students

                a.What are the various career options available  for Science,commerce & Arts students?

                b.What kind of job and business opportunities are available in a particular field after studies?

                c.What would be earning potential as a fresher,3 years,5 years & 10 years down the line?

                d.Soft skills and personality development related queries

      College Students:

                a.What are various career options in the field they are currently studying?

                b.What are the various jobs and business opportunities in their respective fields?

                c.What are the current and future trends in  their respective choosen field of study?

                d.What kind of courses they should do during their college time which can help them in getting jobs.

                e.what are the skillset and competencies required in their respective fields of studies?

                f.How to prepare for written test, psychometric tests,group discussions,hr interview, technical interviews,salary negotiations,etc.

                g.Soft skills and personality development related queries

                h.What would be the earning potential as a fresher,3 years,5 years & 10 years down the line?

        Freshers & Junior working Professionals

                    a.What are the skill sets required to get a faster career growth?

                    b.How to build personal Brand?

                    c.How to increase the visibility in the market?

                    d.What are the various opportunities available in their respective industries?

                    e.How to change the role,function & industry?

                    f.How and where to apply for jobs?

                    g.How to learn to become a leader & a good team player?